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Femmequixotic (Femme)

Slash and Queer Lit Track Director
Femme has been a fan writer of one stripe or another since she could pick up a pencil. Before stumbling upon online fandom in the early ’90s as an X-Phile, she spent her childhood writing Anne of Green Gables and Gilligan’s Island fanfic—juvenilia which is probably better left forgotten, although she will ship Anne/Gilbert forever. After falling in love with the wizarding world in 2002, she found herself immersed in the slash side of Harry Potter fandom and has been happily playing here ever since. A Slytherin to the core, she particularly loves examining the psychological, moral and ethical implications of growing up within Slytherin House and counts Draco, Pansy, Blaise and Millicent among her favorite fictional characters to spin stories about. (According to AO3, she’s written over 1.5 million words of HP fanfic, and she still has more stories to tell.) Femme has presented at numerous Harry Potter conferences on topics as varied as religion in the HP universe, the morality of Snape, and the future of HP slash. She was also the Chair of Fandom Programming for Ascendio 2012 and one of the co-hosts of the con’s Slash Suite. In her opinion, the highlight of being in Harry Potter fandom has been meeting her wife and planning their HP-themed wedding. When she’s not under a fannish pseudonym, she writes queer and YA fiction.